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Translating the lessons of Nature to Natural Pool Care

Each of the five factors circulation, filtration, water balance, sanitation and oxidation, had to be translated into the stricter demands of swimming pools, spas and artificial ponds.

Circulation-We recognized that, for maximum purity and clarity, the water must be circulated throughout the pool, spa or pond, "turned over' at least one and a half times every day.

Filtration-All plumbing, motors, filters, electrical and other equipment must work in unison and accord (be designed to function as an effective unit). And it all must be maintained so it functions at a satisfactory operating level.

Water Balance-The pH, total alkalinity and hardness must be maintained at the proper level. This is called good water balance. At Wailani, we recognize that without good water balance, you can never achieve natural pure water or enjoy the smooth silky water that we can provide.

Sanitation-It is of primary importance that all algae, bacteria and viruses are killed to protect you and your family.

Oxidation-Water must be freed from accumulated organic materials. Wailani® systems assure continual waste removal.

Is Swimming in Chemicals Really Necessary?

In the past, the only reliable way to keep your pool clean was with gallons of extremely harsh chemicals like chlorine. Chlorine was necessary for both sanitation and oxidation. But, unfortunately, chlorine causes stinging red eyes, dry skin, faded swimsuits and smelly odors. And worse, it is difficult to handle, is often unsafe to swim in, and has even been deadly.

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