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How Does Wailani® Do It?

It wasn't easy, and we didn't learn how overnight. We have been working over 25 years to develop our methods for sanitizing and oxidizing water. The ionization process has been used in Europe to help purify water since the 1930's. Our ionization process has been used since 1977 to eliminate algae, bacteria and viruses in upscale swimming pools, spas, fountains and ponds.

Our Ozone process is recognized the world over as a cost efficient natural way to keep water crystal clear in everything from giant reservoirs to bottled water.

Only Izone® combines the best ionization and the best ozonation, individually engineered to fit the specification of your pool, spa or pond.

Request more information or view a list of available systems for your pool, spa or pond and detailed descriptions of sanitation by ionization and oxidation by ozone.

Try it and you'll agree--swimming in Natural Pure Water makes all the difference in the world!

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