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No more smelly odors, dry skin, faded swimsuits and stinging red eyes. At last, swimming is fun again!

Our Experience
Wailani offers you the reliable, natural alternative to chemically treated pools, spas and ponds. We have been providing products and support to our customers since 1977. Take advantage of more than 36 years of experience, designing and manufacturing alternative sanitizers.

Salt Systems = Chlorine
If you are considering a "salt system" ask the sales person what purifies the water? Salt generators are just another way of creating chlorine! Ask to see the system owner's manual - It tells you how to measure the chlorine level!
If you want to swim in chlorine, they are fine. If chlorine is not for you or your family and loved ones, then consider another alternative.

Cheap Imitations
Beware of cheap imitations. There are cheap "passive purification units" in the market. Generally speaking these are dropped in the skimmer and supposedly work with the water flow. However, they do not work well enough to even qualify as a partial purifier. You get what you pay for!

Now you can enjoy water that is as close to rainwater as water can be. Just add our Natural Water Purifier to your pool, spa or pond and see how much fun it can be returning to the natural order of things simple and true.

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