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Required Pool Bonding Methods

The pool bond circuit in a pool connects all the metallic parts of the pool structure, including the reinforcing metal of the pool shell, coping stones, and deck. Metal parts of electric equipment associated with the pool water circulating system including pump motors shall be attached to the pool bond. The Natural Water Purifier enclosure and connections on the purifier chamber must be attached to the pool bond circuit. A good pool bond is absolutely necessary to prevent pool discoloration.

If you are considering having an alternative disinfectant system installed, insure that when building your pool a proper bond is installed. Current average pool building practices usually do not include a properly installed pool bond. It will pass inspection, but not meet the National Electrical Code requirements.

A pool bond circuit must meet the National Electrical code and any applicable local codes. It should meet the following specifications.

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The green wire represents one continuous 8awg bond wire from the equipment to steel to lights to the entire circumference of the pool.

The steel should be sanded before installing clamps to provide proper electrical connection for UL approved clamps. Run the bond wire from equipment pad to pool steel and then entire circumference of the pool. Place and properly tighten bonding clamps every 12 feet. We suggest connecting clamps to "7 bars".

Bond wire must be connected to the light niche, conduit, steel and single pool bond wire that goes around the pool. Sand the brass niche, UL approved conduit and steel before attaching UL approved clamps.

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