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Customer Order Form

The following is for homeowners who want to order maintenance parts and supplies.

Orders can also be placed by phone at 818.324.1207  8:30am to 4:30pm PST.

Enter the quantity for the item you want to order.
Use the "tab" key to move fron one item to the next.
The enter key is turned off for most items.

* Indicates a required item.
Invalid characters [ # ( ) ; "] are usually punctuation marks or symbols

Complete the form then click on the "Place Order" button.


Ship it to:

If payment is by credit card,
we will call you at the phone number
above for card details.


What to Ship:

E-76 Pool Electrode 95/5 (for all models) $250.00
Purifier Chamber No Electrode Assy $200.00
Palintest Copper Test Kit $ 90.00
Copper Test Tablets
(Minimum of 50)
$ 1.00 ea
Oxy-Stop (Zinc Block) Tablets
(Minimum of 50)
$ 0.75 ea
Alkivis (Alkalinity) Tablet
(Minimum of 50)
$ 1.00 ea.
pH Test Tablets
(Minimum of 50)
$ 1.00 ea.
Ion Test Resistor $100.00

List Items and Quantity not mentioned above
List as all one paragraph

Terms and Conditions

Minimum order is $50.00.
All prices FOB our factory.
All products shipped prepaid. Payment by Visa or Master card or check in advance.
All sales are final once shipped from the factory.
Cancellation of Orders - No order for custom items my be canceled or materially altered except upon payment to Wailani Natural Purewater Systems for loss, damage and espense arising from such cancellation or alteration.
Goods Damaged In Transit - All deliveries and shipments will be at the Purchaser's risk from the time of delivery by Wailani Natural Purewater Systems to the Carrier, regardless of which Carrier is being used. For your protection examine all goods upon receipt to ascertain if they are in good condition. Any shortage or damage must be noted on the Carrier's bill of lading before signing. Claims must be made to the Carrier immediately. Our assistance is available to obtain adjustments.
Wailani Natural Purewater Systems reserves the right to change the specifications, design or prices of its products witout prior notice.

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