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SBX-65 Ionization Unit Field Test


[ ] Disconnect and remove all power to the unit by turning the circuit breaker off.

[ ] Turn the POWER SWITCH on the unit to the off position.

[ ] Turn the ION OUTPUT CONTROL off. (full CCW)

[ ] Put the test/operate jumper (W1/W2) in the test position on the main circuit board.

[ ] Disconnect the wires at the electrodes. Do not let them touch ground or each other.

[ ] Verify the fuse on the front panel is good.

[ ] Verify the 115/220 Jumper (JP1) is set for the proper input voltage.


[ ] Turn the circuit breaker on and apply power to the unit.

[ ] Verify the presence of input power at the terminal block in the enclosure on pins 1 and 3.
(Counting from the bottom up.)

[ ] Turn the power switch on. The POWER MONITOR light is illuminated.
It should change color about every 9 seconds.
The CHECK ELECTRODES and ION OUTPUT lights should not be illuminated.

[ ] Short the electrode leads from the unit with a pager clip or jumper wire.
Rotate the ION OUTPUT knob to 30%. The ION OUTPUT light should illuminate. Keep the leads shorted for less than 15 seconds!

[ ] Remove the short between the electrode wires (this leaves an open between the two electrodes). The CHECK ELECTRODES light should illuminate.
The ION OUTPUT light will not be illuminated.

[ ] Turn the power off.

[ ] Reconnect the wires to the electrodes.
Rotate the ION OUTPUT knob to 0%.

Return the TEST/NORM jumper to the normal position.

This completes the field test of the SBX-65.

For a thorough test of the Ionization circuit please refer to the Ionization Output Circuit Test.


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