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Bonding Requirements for Existing Pools

Methods to Obtain a Working Bond and Ground Circuit

The pool bond circuit connects all the metallic parts of the pool structure, including the reinforcing metal of the pool shell, coping stones, and deck. Metal parts of electric equipment associated with the pool water circulating system including the pump motors should be attached to the pool bond. The ionization system enclosure and connections on the ionization chamber must be attached to functional pool bond circuit. A good pool bond connection is absolutely necessary to prevent pool discoloration.

Older pools often did not include a pool bond circuit. Sometimes the bond connection to the steel in the pool structure was not done properly or because of the passage of time it is no longer functional. Since the bond connections are underground in an existing pool it is not always possible to verify if the pool is properly bonded.

If discoloration is occurring and the metallic ring around the light is dark gray or black you most likely do not have a properly connected pool bond wire. Try the following steps (one at a time) to eliminate future discoloration. They fix the problem in about 80% of the cases.

Your pool should meet all local electrical codes and the National Electrical Code as it applies to bonding and grounding for existing pools. Bonding and proper grounding are safety issues as well as operational requirements!

1. On an existing pool determine if there is a pool bond wire at the equipment pad.
This is usually a bare 8awg or 6awg wire coming out of the ground or the equipment pad. It should be connected to all the equipment that has a bonding lug.

2. If there is not a pool bond wire then drive a ground rod close to the equipment pad and connect all the equipment that has an external bond lug. This is shown in the diagram below.

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3. If there is a pool bond wire present, it may not be functional. It may be possible to obtain a connection to the pool steel in the structure and thus eliminate future discoloration by following the diagram below.

Attach a 8 awg bond wire to the inside of the light niche and run it up to a bonding lug on the light "J-Box". Then run a wire to the bond circuit at the equipment pad. This assumes that bond connection from the light to the steel is still good. Make sure the bond circuit is connected to the bond lug on the Purifier enclosure and the bond lugs on the ionization chamber.


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4. If steps above do not stop discoloration then contact the factory and obtain the "Current Collector" hardware. Install the items as shown below.


5. It is recommended that any pool with habitual discoloration that a maintenance dosage of United Chemical's Pool Stain Treat or BioGuard's Pool Magnet be used on a monthly basis.

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